If you want to work in a friendly team, you like IT, and you know a little or a lot about it, then write to us, maybe we are looking exactly for you.


“I can name few reasons why I prefer to work in this company. First: friendly atmosphere in the team. I admire it, because here we are family. Second: passion, with which each employee working here. There is`t any person here who just comes to sit out for 8 hours and just go home. Life is in full swing here. Third: variety of work tasks. Each new task is different from the previous one; it is a new experience, new knowledges.”

QA Manager  •  Anzhela Maiska

“I’m excited working in this company and that’s what matters. Every new project is an opportunity to extend your experience and rise a quality of your skills. I feel the growth, support and self-confidence, brought by my teammates and the leadership. They’re always ready to help.”

Developer  •  Iryna Petrusevych

“Dynamicaly growing company with brilliant leadership, who always ready to support you not only in career development, but also in some personal life issues. Great personnel, that is ready to help anytime. Not only a good job, but also a good rest for the whole team. This company grows great specialists.”

Developer  •  Dmitriy Patrikey

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